We offer all our customers to sample their product before it goes to production.

What are the processes for sampling?

The sampling process will take around 20 days before it is sent to you. please note that complexity and material may affect sampling time.

Sampling is charged based on complexity, pricing is generally dependent on the material used, designs and processing.

Sampling costs will be refunded when you place the order.


Once you have confirmed your sample, the manufacturing process will begin.

What are the processes for bulk production?

The length of the production process will depend on material and quantity. We will provide an estimated timeframe once the sample is approved of.

Products are charged based on material and quantity. The minimum quantity per order is 100 pieces per style but this is negotiable.



We can produce products according to your sketch design. We can also work on any samples you have. Our sales team will work closely with you and give you the best suggestion on yarns, gauge, quantity, and sizes based on your budget, to create your exclusive collections.

If needed, our team will provide professional advice to improve your samples and custom designs.

What can I customize?

Label and Packaging


If you wish to private label your products, just send us your logo or design. You can also customize your packaging or choose from our wide scope of options.

We’ll send your products with each piece of garment individually packed with price tag and label in a box or bag ready to be sold.

Contact us and bring your design to life

Sampling from us . Discount available for bulk order