Standardized High Quality

In order to assure that each piece of clothing is up to standard; all pieces must go through two strict ironing procedures to check the uniformity and size of each piece of clothing.

We use Ironing to control each piece of clothing matches the customer’s needs.

Second Ironing – the fabric is finished and processed again to meets all the customer’s requirements.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Our professional hand-knitting department will adjust each piece of clothing to fit perfectly.

For over 20 years we have ensured quality with passion, care, and attention to detail. Our core value is to deliver great products in the most professional manner – a fact that place us above all our competitors.

Strict Quality Check

From raw materials to the finished products, all details are strictly controlled. Each piece is individually checked at each stage of production to ensure that each garment adheres to exceptionally highly standardized quality check.

Computer weaving quality control department: a detailed check is performed for the needles, the fabric used, and whether the lines are evenly coordinated.

Seaming quality control department: checks the quality after seaming and hand-knitting, using led reflector lamps for detail inspection.

Washing and finishing quality check department: checks for softness and color saturation after washing.

Final quality check department: checks every detail and component to meet the requirements of the client.

Environmentally Friendly & Ethical

At Start Suppliers, we support sustainable production and ethical manufacturing.

Having your products manufactured by us will assure your customers that the products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.

We follow strict regulations to reduce negative environmental impacts by using water and energy more efficiently.

We address and eliminate harmful chemicals at each stage of manufacturing. You can be sure that your products can be safely wore by your customers.

During the washing and finishing procedures, we use eco-friendly cleaning agents to remove the grease from the wool, and eco-friendly washing oil as a softener to achieve a perfect and soft touch.

Recyclable packaging is available upon request.

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