Bulk Production Plan

(Min. 100 quantity per design per colour)

The Total Costs of Bulk Orders (Approx.) = Quantity x The Unit Price of the Product + Shipping Costs

*Please note the price chart below is a rough estimate, the actual unit price varies depending on the material used, quantity and complexity of the designs.

*Please include your detail descriptions of product and design sketches in your enquiry to allow us determining the prices more accurately.

*This price chart does not include all products we make, please enquire if your product is not listed below.

Product Type
Bulk Reference Price
From £ 7.00
Top, Shirt
From £ 7.00
Hoodies, Tracksuit
From £ 8.00
Trousers, Joggers
From £ 8.00
Skirt, Short
From £ 7.00
Depends on yarns
Mini Dress, Short Jumpsuit
From £ 7.00
Maxi Dress, Jumpsuit
From £ 11.00
Outerwear, Jacket
From £ 11.00
Children’s wear
From £ 4.00
Shapewear, Loungewear
From £ 7.00
Bras, Underwear
From £ 5.00
From £ 1.00
Packaging & Labelling
£ 0.50£ 0.80
More ranges available upon enquiry…


Please be assured that all discussions between StartSuppliers and our clients are completely confidential. We never share your designs with other clients and treat each customer individually.


Our Sampling Plan covers types of clothes including:

T-shirts, Hoodies, Dresses, Trousers, Skirts, Shorts, Tops, Outerwear, Sportswear, Knitwear, Underwear and Accessories etc.

All costs incurred during the sampling processes will be 100% refunded when you place a bulk order from us. Which means you will pay 0 costs for the samples if you place a bulk order later.